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Whispers of Nature ©Flavia Loreto
Whispers of Nature ©Flavia Loreto

A Photography Exhibition about Nature and its Healing Energy. May 15th - June 24th, 2024.

Artist talk /Reception on June 7th, 2024
from 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Whispers of Nature is a collection of images born by chance, during long restorative walks in the enchanting woodlands and glades of the Mid-Atlantic region. Using her camera as a conduit and capturing the interplay of light and color, Whispers of Nature is Flavia’s visual response to nature's beckoning.

As we look, listen, and tune into the energy that emanates and radiates from the natural world around us, we have the opportunity to connect on a deeper level. The trees whisper to us throughout the changing seasons, urging us to reflect, restore, and renew ourselves. When autumn arrives and the transition from summer to winter begins, the leaves transform into vibrant hues that uplift our spirits with a single glance. This is how, guided by trees, leaves, ice and flowers, Flavia Loreto began to transition her camera from capture to creation, with nature's regenerative energy represented with spirals of leaves and shimmers of color.

Join us for an evening of art, music, and Italian culture as we celebrate the beauty of nature through Flavia Loreto's stunning photography and the enchanting piano melodies of Paul McKnight. Enjoy a small Italian aperitif as you immerse yourself in the whispers of nature captured in each image and presented by the photographer.

This is a free event, but a confirmation message to

would be very much appreciated to plan accordingly.

After the presentation, stay for the opening concert of Serafin Summer Music, "Fantasy and Fire.
It promises to be a night filled with magic and inspiration. More @The Serafins proud partner of @Flavia Loreto Fotografia


Whispers of Nature Image Gallery

All Pictures can be ordered in different sizes and print formats. For details please contact:

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