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MAY 1ST - JUNE 30TH, 2023

Let us listen to the beautiful music of the Serafin Ensemble, using just our eyes.  RESONANCE is a collection of portraits showing the humanity of the Serafin Ensemble's talented musicians. Long fascinated by the human condition, Flavia Loreto's portraits aim to go beyond the physical externalities of her subjects, and to capture their very essence. In the RESONANCE portraits, the main focus is on the passion for music and the energy created between the artists staying in front and behind the camera. Resonance is the language of sound and the invisible vibration between the photographer and the subject.

The exhibition, hosted in the hallways of Wilmington’s Music School of Delaware, shows 20 black and white portraits of the Serafin Ensemble’s musicians.  

On May 3rd 2023, at 5:30pm, Flavia will host a talk about portrait photography, inviting the audience to talk about the power of portraits and photography. Join us at the Music School of Delaware 4101 N Washington St, Wilmington.  Reserve your spot emailing or contacting


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